You're Invited!

Let’s face it: nothing happens in February, it’s the nothing month.

Well…there is one thing happening…8THIRTYFOUR’s second annual Nothing Party! What’s a Nothing Party? We celebrate absolutely nothing for no reason. We eat, drink, and hang out with cool people like you.

Contemplating attending? We’ll make it easy.

Do you love crockpots? Slippers? Dogs? Then join us on February 27th from 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at our office.

One teeny tiny request: RSVP for absolutely nothing by filling out the form below, and then get ready to celebrate…literally nothing!

We Can Promise:

  • Kim getting competitive over which 8THIRTYFOUR team member makes the best crockpot food
  • A whole BUNCH of dogs (or at least one or two)
  • Booze. Like all the booze.
  • Puzzles, Euchre (maybe), and other lazy games
  • Netflix and actually, legitimately chilling
  • Indoor s’mores
  • Team 834 – we’re pretty cool

The only stipulation for attending…do not try. No fancy make-up or hairstyles. We’re talking sweatpants, your favorite oversized sweater and other cozy items. It’s about to get comfy.