The Perfect Galentine’s Day Gift for the Badass Woman in Your Life

A purple background with a red heart reads, "Happy Galentine's Day!"

Empower the Women in Your Life

If you were hoping for a day to celebrate the badass women in your life or community, then look no further. This Thursday, the 13th, is Galentine’s Day. While we are not fans of Hallmark holidays, we LOVE recognizing and cheering on the phenomenal women in our lives and have the perfect gift to do it. And hey, it’s better than an icky romantic holiday. Gross.

Why You Should Give A Galentine’s Card

Lately we have been pretty inspired by all the women making headlines, breaking glass ceilings and getting shit done. This Galentine’s Day, let’s lift up other women and create awareness around those that are crushing it and deserve to be celebrated.

Download our Galentine’s Day card, write a message and post to social media using the hashtag, #MIGalentine and tag that badass woman.

It’s time we start empowering each other and showing the world we are stronger together.

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