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Website design & development are a key piece of your integrated communications arsenal today. Rather than get your website from a guy, or an agency that focuses only on website design or development, you can work with 8THIRTYFOUR who understands how your website needs to work with other aspects of your marketing communications.

Whether your organization’s website or a simple campaign microsite, we will develop a digital marketing asset to represent your company. Websites are there to represent you day and night, in sales presentations, donor relations, customer service and more. How hard is your website working for you?

A site that is well thought out takes into account your business objectives and incorporates a solid search engine optimization (SEO) structure.

There are several components to a successful website development, here just a few we swear by;

  1. Intuitive design to represent your organization. This can be completely custom or modifying a great template, whichever fits your budget best.
  2. Solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization) structure. These are the foundational elements of your website and critical in long term online success.
  3. Marketing Effectiveness: Identifying how your website can be used to measure other sales or  marketing activities
  4. Efficiency: Look at how your website can create more efficiency for your business – FAQs, a customer service area, inquiry forms, data or spec sheet downloads and more.
  5. Monitoring & Analytics: Your website is never really “done” – continuing to review your Google analytics, site position, conversions and what is happening will ensure your site delivers results consistently.

Feel free to take a look at some of our recent website design & development work via the links below. Curious how we might be able to help you with a website design or development? Let’s talk.


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