Meet Mari, 834’s Newest Team Member!

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Our wolf pack is expanding! This past week we welcomed Mari Behovitz to our team as our Digital Associate. Mari is not new-comer to 834 team, as she has recently endured our robust internship program. A true gem and an uplifting person to be around, Mari makes the 834 team that much better.

To learn more about our team’s latest addition, read below:

Welcome to 834! How much did we scare you on your first week?

A lot… My first week as a full-time employee we experienced a lot of transition, including our boss vacationing out of the country. I didn’t eat for a whole week. It was the best diet ever.

How has your internship experience with us prepared you for a full-time position?

I had three prior internships before interning at 834. Out of all my internships, my experience at 834 prepared me for the real-world the most. I actually got to work on many different projects and work with many different people, which made the transition process from intern to associate much easier.

What is a professional or personal goal you’ve reached that you are really proud of?

In college I always dreamed about having a stellar internship experience and continuing employment post-graduation. My goal was to land a job immediately after graduating from Grand Valley State University, and luckily I made this happen.

Now that you’ve graduated college (Class of 2017!), what do you plan on doing with your free time?

Hmm… I’ll probably start reading. I love to read and I haven’t had time to do that with the stress of school, work, and extra-curricular’s. I also plan on spending a lot of time at my cottage up North, and testing out Pinterest crafts. I love to be crafty.

What’s your favorite food?

Ice coffee (don’t judge). But seriously, I love all food. I’m the least picky person.

If you co-hosted a daily talk show, which celeb would you want to be your co-host?

Jessie James Decker. I love her. She’s my spirit-animal.

What’s your favorite boy band (past or present)?

I don’t like any boy bands. They actually creep me out. Hillary Duff was my jam back in the day. I still have her CD in my car, actually.

What’s your favorite social media platform?

I spend the most time on Instagram. I love seeing everyone’s pictures, and it’s way more fun to look at images rather than read through paragraphs of Facebook rants.

Do you want these questions to be done yet?

I can keep going all day…


For a behind-the-scenes look into The Life of Mari, follow her on on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.


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